27 January 2008

Yoga Music

Some of us like to practice to music and some of us don't. Personally, I love it and I am a self-described 'yoga music geek', as in, I listen to it in the car and while at work, not just while practicing. The thing about yoga music is it can slip into some really wanky, new agey, downright cheesetastic flavor. So here's a list of the yoga music I have found that I love that isn't too cheesey. That being said, I may have slipped so far into my affinity of for yoga music that I might (gasp!) not be as discerning about what's cheesy and what's not anymore. But still, these are nice, I swear!

Wah! Savasana
Wah! CD Krishna
Ben Leinbach - The Spirit of Yoga
Chinmaya Dunster - On Sacred Ground
Ty Burhoe - Invocation
Craig Pruess - Language of Love
Yoga Mela - An Eastern Vibrational Experience
Tina Malia & Shimshai - Jaya Bhagavan
Maharishi Gandharva - The Eternal Music of Nature

ALSO, this site www.whiteswanmusic.com/ is a super cool resource for all this kinda of music...

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JessLivinLove said...

Your list is great...but I have a few more for you! NAID's Varanasi CD and interfaith CD Sacred Blessings with songs selected by inspirational speaker Anthony Robbins. Also Tantra from the Hummingbird series. All of these can be found at www.kosmicmusic.com and www.kosmicamusic.com