25 January 2008

Intention and Intent to Sleep

Probably going to format this blog in the same way that I have yoga conversations, or well, most conversations with my friend Lindsay. It's the only way I can keep myself from sounding like a weenjob.

So last night I decided I would ONCE AGAIN set my intention to do my ashtanga practice in the morning. The only time I ever succeeded in doing this was when I was in yoga teacher training at the Shala. Up at 5:30, at the studio at 6am, practice and then the 1/2 hour commute to work, somehow I managed this, in the dead of winter. But somehow I can't manage to peel myself from the Tempurpedic merely to head to the very next ROOM. Lame! I was all about it, alarm set, excited even! I even set the heat program to go up at 6am so the cold barrier would be eliminated, one less excuse. But nah, sleeping is so so sweet. And I am a professional sleeper. So despite my good idea, good intentions and even a solid at home practice I couldn't do it. Do I try tomorrow - oh no, no no no, tomorrow is Saturday - sacred sleeping day. I can however practice when I do finally get up. And there, there it is. I'll do that. And sure, I have a regular practice that comes later in the day, but for reason I feel like there is some added benefit to practicing first thing in the morning (nevermind my body feels like it's been on this earth for 85 years first thing in the morning). Is that the key, to work out those kinks earlier in the day than later?I realize what's most important is THAT I practice, but still, doubt and questions creep in.


Kathryn said...

You are intuitive to sleep and let your practice come naturally at a later time. Aren't we always telling our students to listed their bodies - you did just that! If your awake body is still wanting to rise early to practice, Vata is dominant between 2am and 6am, and you should awaken during this time. After 6am the Kapha phase begins and you will want more sleep. Take it from a sleep expert, that Kapha phase can keep you in bed for hours:)


You're so right Kate. I love it when my good friends who also do & teach yoga drop science on me!