05 March 2008

The problem with yoga...

...is that I can't stop. I can't just practice for 30 min, no matter if I tell myself I only have 30 minutes. What ARE these videos that profess "Yoga in 10 min. a Day!"?? Ain't no way. Once I get my yoga on, it's on and it pretty much matters little what I have planned after this alleged 30 min. practice I think I am going to do. Yoga vortex! Lovely!

Today's practice was one of those, practices where I set out to keep it short, and ended up doing full fledge "yoga potpourri", I do whatever comes, and these practices are so blissful, I just listen, I just follow. I am loving Firelog pose right now, and that pose used to make my knees scream. And oddly enough, I think Warrior 2 is one of my favorites right now, which leads me to believe my hips are dictating my practice, which makes sense, all the sitting I do at work. In addition I am imbuing my practice with these core strenghtening sequences - for instance:
Begin with Surya Namascar B, when you get to Warrior I, move from there to Vrksasana, flow into Warrior III, leave arms in Warrior I postition, back to Vrksasana, back to Warrior I and finish Surya Namaskar B. Good times!

Today my friend said to me, while she was wrestling with the fax machine,
"The fax machine is helping me to become one with rage."

And once again I am reminded that work is an excellent place to practice non-asana yoga.It feels to me that without me really noticing, my yoga practice really DOES come in to play OFF the mat. It's not always something at the forefront of my mind, I should help it to be there though.


rand(om) bites said...

I loved this post Lauren, made me smile :-)

Lauren (Kali) Goldstein said...

Hi! Love your blog...

Isn't it wonderful how the more we practice on the mat, we can see how that is just our training for the real yoga practice...which is off the mat.

Linda Sama said...

thanks for blogrolling me! I was just in ann arbor to see His Holiness...and I LOVE Crazy Wisdom bookstore!

john said...

I hear you on the can't stop.. sometimes the practice goes on and on... but! that's where we fill the well so we can share with others.

thanks for your blog