07 February 2008

So early and already a success!

I did did did it!
I got up this morning and practiced! The cats were sure confused and my back felt like it belonged on George Burns, but after a while and many Suryanamaskar A's and B's, I felt hot (as in warmed up!) and happy. I put on some upbeat yoga music and just went to town. The only downside I can think of is that it was hard to stop, switch gears and get ready for work. When can I find a job just doing yoga all day??


Danura said...

good for you! i still find it hard to practice in the mornings. Late afternoons are lovely for me:)

rand(om) bites said...

Go you! I love a morning practice because it sets a good tone for the day. I even get up especially early to do it. Yoga all day? Yes please!

freshtopia said...

Just curious, what is morning for you? I've been waking up at 7:30 each day, having breakfast, and then meditating for an hour before starting work.

Do you eat before you practice? I've heard the arguements for not eating before meditation, but after a long time doing it, I find this works best for me.

Director, Freshtopia.net

lauren said...

Ozkar - Morning is like 7-7:30, and no way I can eat before practice, eating before yoga only makes a foul tummy and an inclination to vomit it all up! But it could be different with meditation, I would guess you can totally eat before meditating, I mean, it seems like your body would l like it best if you ate and then became completely calm while it did it's work digesting...but then I could also make a pretty good case the other way...