06 January 2009

Yoga is...

sometimes dancing like a total nerd to yoga music and calling it a yoga practice for that day.

Sure, traditional practice is cool, can't live without it. But sometimes I set out to practice, and start out solid, but somehow feel like REALLY moving around. So I admit, I love some of that yoga music that some people might think quite silly, and when I want to move around, DANCE around and do yoga-like things, I have no problem calling that my yoga practice, and do! What's nice is that I get good and tired and hot and limber and then can enjoy all the spoils of that warm limberness by taking long yin yoga poses and bringing myself back down to earth again. Hmmmm....yogarobics?
Just kidding. That sounds horrible.


Lalapoo said...

Just dropped by from WoYoPracMo, maybe dancing is in your blood... so shake that booty!

rand(om) bites said...

Well Shiva Rea calls it Yoga Trance Dance yeah? It does feel good and liberating :-)

sayen said...

Happy New Year 2009
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Gina said...

I have been trying to do a little more cardio in addition to my yoga practice and just today, I was thinking how I wish someone could combine them...maybe you are onto something!! Love your blog.

claudio said...

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Ritesh said...

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Victoria C said...

haha i would totally do yogarobics! i take both yoga and dance classes, together would be perfection xo

Anonymous said...


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Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


Sarah said...

Yeah, I love the yoga and the dance too. i'm a musician, so I created some synchronized music to use with Sun Salutation B Series (with a little variation). I packaged it in an iPhone/iPod App called Power Up 8, "a six minute vinyasa in your pocket." The thing is that once you finish you are totally warm and empowered, and it's easy to keep going with more asanas that you love. (And the pace of the music helps you lose yourself in it.)

Thanks for sharing and stimulating this smile on my face. You are clever!

Neeru said...

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sunanda said...


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Dianabol said...

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Michael said...

What a ancient style but my dear friend according to social life it is prohibited in Indian culture, I know it is good techniques but keep in mind social values..

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